Fall 2013 Hours


360 North Bridge Street

(863)674-0034 or email labelleheritagemuseum@comcast.net

2013 Fall Hours for LaBelle Heritage Museum:

Thursdays & Fridays from 10:00am to 1:00pm
Saturdays from 10:00am to 1:00pm

Pat Johnson will be here on Thursday starting at  10 am to work on genealogy files and usually stays later than 1 o’clock (but you may want to call in advance if you plan on coming in after our normal closing hour). Drop by if you are interested in Genealogy.

We will be happy to open the museum for 5 or more people by appointment.on other days and times if given at least 48 hours advance notice; call  (863) 674-0034 and leave your name, number & when you would like to visit the museum either with the volunteer who answers or as a voice message.


Bill Maddox interview

Click here to see a few minutes of the Bill Maddox interview. It is only one of about 70 interviews that have been saved on DVD. These DVD’s are available to order at the LaBelle Heritage Museum Gift Shop, at cost of  $20 including cost of mailing.

Avery, Cliff                                                 Ballard, Hiram & Beatrice
Barron, Lois                                               Billie, Frank Jay
Booth, Mary Lou                                        Bowers, Paul
Bryant, Norman,Hugh, Vicki & Liz             Bullington, Freida
Bush, Larry, Don, Jerry & Juanita             Cline, Bobbie Jo & Laura Wilson
Cochran, James                                        Crawford, Jersuha Ridgdill
Cross, Martha Kate                                   Curtis, Ken
Cypress, Mitchell                                       Daniels, Cassie
Davidson, Boe & Janice                            Davis, Don
Doub, William, Johnny & Irene                  Dyess, Mary, Ida Kirby & Flora Hampton
Greer, Bliss & Evelyn                                Hampton, Flora Burchard, Mary Dyess & Ida Kirby
Harris, Ethleline Whiddon                          Howard, Merton, Walter & Christine Pratt
Howard, Margaret & Catherine                  Howard, Robert
Howard Pratt, Christine                              Howard, Nettie Pearl                                        Hull, Onley Reo                                          Hull, Rosa Lee                                      Humphries, Martha and Charles                Jones, Alton “Kid”
Kirby, Ida (Forrey Family)                          Kirby, Ida (                                                               Koenes, Mary                                             Langford, Oscar                                         Lawson, Herbert                                        Lowery, Weima Davis                                 Luckey, Owen Sr                                       Maddox, Elizabeth                                     Maddox,Sr, William                                    Marroquin, Felix                                         Martinez, Hipolito                                        Mattice, Doris                                             Murray, Oliver & Betty                                Nobles, Bonnie                                           Nobles, L J & Geraldine                             Orwig, Thelma O’Bannon                           Parsons, Leonard, Broward, Woodrow

& Tommy
Parsons, Tommy (individual)                      Patton, Tillie Curry
Pearl, Nettie
Peeples, Kathleen
Porterfield, Lorraine
Rasmussen, Bernard
Rennolds, Edwin T
Rice, Art amd Kari
Rider, Linda
Ridgdill, Della Townsend and Jerusha Ridgdill Crawford
Rimes, Oren
Rimes, J L
Risher, Dorthy Hill
Risley, Joe
Rodriquez, Bersabe
Sargent, Ken and Betty
Smith, Tommy and June
Strickland, Ilene
Taylor, Fred
Thomas, Dillon
Thompson, Thelma
Townsend, Pauline Hull
Vaughn, Wayne and Doris
Ward, Ella Mae
Whiddon, Lewis
Williams, Violet
Wilson, Laura and Bobb Cline
Woosley, JoAnn
Yoemans, Lillie Mae


New Computer for Museum

At the Alva plant sale, Pat Johnson sold dolls from my collection to get enough money to pay for new computer, printer, and software for the museum. There are more dolls available in the gift shop at the LaBelle Heritage Museum located at 360 North Bridge Street. Pat will be adding dolls for sale in next few weeks. Some are intended to be played with, while others are collectibles.

December Meeting

        Jayne Lofton Gourley will present a program on her grandfather Capt. M. E. Forrey, who first came to LaBelle in 1909, immediately caught the eye of 18 year old Corrine Poole, granddaughter of Mary Ann Kirkland one of the Upper Caloosahatchee Valley’s earliest
entrepreneurs and legends, and shortly thereafter became one of our “movers and shakers” until his untimely death from cancer in October 1927 at the age of 56.
        LaBelle Heritage Museum program meetings are held in the Commission Chambers of LaBelle City Hall, 481 West Hickpochee Avenue on the first Thursday evening of the month at 7 o’clock.  All are welcome to attend museum program meetings and should enter the Commission Chambers from the rear of City Hall.
        Museum members can renew their dues for 2014 at the meeting and will receive a new 2014 membership card on the spot.  Guests wishing to become members of LaBelle Heritage Museum can also join and receive their membership cards at the meeting.


The LaBelle Heritage Museum would like to thank and acknowledge the Clewiston Museum and the Florida Humanities Council (FHC) for helping make these programs available through their Partnership Grant.  The public is cordially invited to join us at LaBelle City Hall, 481 West Hickpochee Avenue (State Road 80) at 7 o’clock in the evening on the scheduled dates listed below.  All programs are free.  Continue reading